Popsical Remix

All-In-One Karaoke Device

Remote Control

Power Adapter

USB C Cable

Remote Control

Power Adapter

USB C Cable

Popsical Remix has simplified the old-school home karaoke system to give you the fullest karaoke experience, in the convenience of your own home! With over 200,000 songs in 14 languages and fun vocal effects, your karaoke sessions will always be on point - just like your vocals (we have a pitch corrector)

Bring It Wherever You Go

Taking your karaoke party wherever you go! (Popsical Remix set comprises of 1 palm-sized karaoke streaming device, with 2 wireless microphones all at a feather-light weight of less than 1kg!)

A cloud-based library with over 230,000 original and cover music videos in 14 languages to sing to!

What’s more – it comes with a special pitch correction feature that will make anybody sing like a Pro!

A self-updating library of songs means access to not just the latest radio hits, but the old classics everyone of your friends is guaranteed to enjoy!
An External Speaker is required with AUX or RCA input.

Speaker with AUX/RCA input

Our system requires your speaker or soundbar to have either an AUX input or RCA input as shown in the picture.

The Popsical App
Our app is free of charge, so everyone is welcome to download and check out the variety of songs that we have, even without owning a Popsical Remix (yet).

With the flexibility to navigate through the system while lounging on your couch, you can select songs, arrange play queue order, control volume, adjust pitch, and microphone volume in comfort


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